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Substation Design Layout

What are the best substation design layout ideas. If you did not have any idea on this
question, here are the best substation design layout tips;
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How To Design A Substation

How to Design a Substation
The design of Substation starts with earthing and bonding. This function is done to provide connection to earthing system through which earthing impedances and transformers neutrals are connected for the flow of maximum fault current. This system ensures that there are no mechanical or thermal damage to the equipment. It also guarantees equipotential bonding so that there are no harmful gradients created by substation. To design these substations, three types of voltages are required- Step Voltage, Mesh Voltage and Touch Voltage.
The layout of substation is very necessary, for it there should be a Security of Supply. The equipment and circuits of substation are duplicated. The cost for implementing such designs is not feasible is it is very high in price. Some methods are adopted to have a complete security of capital investment and supply. There are four types of substation design. They are:

Category No.1: To transfer the load to the alternative circuit for fault conditions and maintenance it is very important to have short outage.
Category No.2: Loss of whole substation due to maintenance or fault.
Category No.3: For fault and maintenance conditions no outage is required.
Category No.4: Due to maintenance or fault there is loss of section or circuit.

Electrical Distribution Substation

An electrical distribution substation refers to component of electrical power generation, transmission as well as distribution system. In the electrical distribution substation, the high voltage is transformed into low voltage and the reverse can also apply. This is among other necessary functions performed in the substation. Important to note is the fact that through the power generating station via the electrical distribution substation, electrical power is able to flow to the clients who are in dire need of the same at various levels of the voltage.

In a bid to work efficiently, electrical substations are owned and managed by either commercial/industrial clients or electrical utility. It is in this line that the service provision is always efficient in as far as electricity is concerned.
All in all, one important thing that consumers of power must know is that in the substations, transformers may be instituted in order to help in the changing of voltage levels from high transmission to lower distribution.

Grounding Substation

The sole importance of grounding substation is for protection of equipment from lightning strikes and surges and to protect the individuals operating in the substation. Grounding substation system is essential for connecting the neutral points of generators and transformers to the ground and also the metal parts which do not carry current such as overhead shielding wires, frames, structures, tanks and many more.

Grounding substation of surge arresters is done via earthing systems. The role of substation earthing system is provision of ground mat beneath the surface of the earth and around substation which have a uniform zero potential as per lower earth resistance and the ground to ensure that; the operating staffs are safe through limitation of the voltage gradient at the ground level in substation. Besides, it provides a discharge path for lightning which comes through surge arresters, rod-gaps and shielding wires. More so, it provides reduced resistance path to earthing switch terminals to enable them discharge trapped charges to earth before repairs and maintenance.

Substation Design Training

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Power Substation Services

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