Distribution Substation Design

Distribution substation is helpful to bring the voltage level down into dirigible amounts, when the electricity has its destination at the consumer side.Every community has distribution substation that are located nearby.It’s not lowers the voltage but also splits it. In that we can shared information to all customers. Electrical lines are coming from the substations that are normally has three phases, that means three wires is used for live voltage and also a separate line is provides for ground. In this three phases are allows the electricity and distributed it in the efficient way. the electricity reaches the destination such as home or business, it is transformed in to one time into another appliance formats such as two phases-110 and 220 volts. A substation is one of the component of distribution system and electrical transmission that helps to transform voltage. Voltage is either increased or decreased when entering into the substation. Substations with step-up and step-down transformers is helpful to increase and decrease the voltage.

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