Electric Substation Dangers

An electric substation is used to reduce the high voltage from power stations before releasing it for domestic and industrial use. The major aim of such substations is to provide electricity to populated areas. But these substations are believed to pose some dangers to people living around the following are some electric substation dangers.

Effects from the electromagnetic fields
Electric substations are usually surrounded by electromagnetic fields. These fields are considered harmful to human health. Researchers believe that these fields can cause health problems fro example cancer, dementia, infertility, miscarriage and other health complications. Therefore it is not very advisable to live near substations. But it should be emphasized that small substations may not cause these health problems but a big station can cause these issues.

Fire outbreaks and explosions
This is also among the electric substation dangers that should be watched out for although it is not a common occurrence or danger but it can occur. Since substations constitute of transformers, power lines and switches and relays, a slight interference with the power lines or the switches can cause a fire outbreak or an explosion. Therefore it is important to be aware of this.

In summary, the above are some of the common electric substation dangers that should be watched out for and avoided by people living near substations at all costs.

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