Electrical Power Substation

Electrical power substation is a form of distribution system and generation transmission. These substations transform the high voltage to low and low voltage to high. These substations also perform other important functions. The electric power is passed through many substations of different voltage levels to reach the consumer.

This electrical power substation is operated and owned by the large industrial consumer, commercial consumer or electrical utility. The substations have protection, control, transformers and switching equipment. The circuit breakers at the substation are used to interrupt overload currents or short circuits which occur on the network.

The substations are located in a special purpose buildings, fenced enclosures or underground. Tall buildings have many indoor substations which are mostly found in the urban area which reduce the noise of the transformers and it protects the switch gear from pollution conditions and extreme climates. There are 5 types of substations which are described by the voltage class. They are:

Distribution Substation
Transmission Substation
Switching Substation
Collector Substation
Converter Substation

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