Substation Engineering And Design

A Substation is a voltage transformer or a group of transformers interconnected together that transform voltage from high to low or vice versa. It is a system that is used widely in all sort of electric activities like generation, transmission and generation. It is so widely used because from power station to our home the power has to go through several voltage drops and increase. The knowledge Substation engineering and design both is required to run a substation plant perfectly.

There are many factors to considered before designing a well-engineered substation that are:

1. The design should allow the expansion of station for the future.
2. Sufficient land area shall be left outside and near around the station that provides clearance for the electrical safety.
3. It should be engineered to strike a perfect balance between the reliability and cost.
4.Other effects must also be considered like waste dumping facility and outside noise.

So, these are the major features of a well constructed and well placed substation plant.

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