Substation Grounding Design

High voltage electronic system area is to bereferred as substation. These substation grounding design can be designed to regulate the system, to switch or changing the voltage of electricity in and out of a system. The size and type of the substation can be vary, but those design aspects are similar.

Copper grounding it is used for grounding substations design because these substations has high connectivity & it is resistant to the underground corrosion. And also Copper clad steel is used for underground rods & grounding grids.

Ground grid:
Mostly the ground grid should include in the area within substation fence & at least 3 feet should outside the fence. And the inside areas are 3 – 4 feet outside fence must covered with the 4 inches crushed rock Additionally the perimeter of grid conductor & buried minimum of 18 inches are below the grade, it should be placed 4 feet outside & around the fence.

These transformers are control noise & positioned maximum distance from the fence. And additionally, it breaker drift are install in the close proximity to transformers & regulators.

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